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For over 45 years, our family-owned business has faithfully served Kern and Monterey Counties and other areas in California. Since 1979, we’ve built a reputation as a leading provider of quality street and parking lot sweeping, power washing, and parking lot porter service in California. Using the industry’s most advanced technology, we consistently deliver top-quality services. Our unwavering commitment to very high customer satisfaction truly sets us apart and distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our Fleet & Team

Our company boasts over thirty state-of-the-art mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers in our fleet, operated by twenty-five skilled operators. Our mechanics and office personnel make us the largest, most experienced street and parking lot service provider in the Kern County area, and a strong competitor in Monterey County and other parts of California.

Commitment to Quality

We keep our equipment on a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure maximum performance. This commitment to quality ensures we consistently deliver exceptional service, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Environmental Responsibility

Jack Davenport Sweeping Services is sensitive to environmental concerns. We’ve been at the forefront of our industry in acquiring street sweepers that meet the latest environmental regulations and requirements from the California Air Resource Board. This includes obtaining PM10 and Rule 1186 AQMD certifications.

Our Clients & Services

We serve countless residential homes, Homeowner Associations, various municipalities, school districts, state highways, and retail centers. Whether you need street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, parking lot porter services, power washing of sidewalks or buildings, or construction or highway cleanup, you’ve come to the right place. We also responsibly haul away illegal dumping. Our operators and equipment will not be outperformed. Call us today to learn more about Jack Davenport Sweeping or to get a quote!

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Serving Bakersfield, Salinas, and the cities of Arvin, Castroville, Delano, Hollister, Lamont, Marina, Monterey & Tehachapi in Kern & Monterey Counties

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Street and Parking Lot Sweeping in Kern & Monterey Counties

Statewide headquartered in Bakersfield and Salinas, serving the cities of Arvin, Castroville, Hollister, Lamont, Marina, Monterey & Tehachapi in Kern, Monterey, San Benito, & Santa Cruz Counties and all of California