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Bakersfield, Salinas & other cities throughout Kern & Monterey Counties

Hundreds of local business owners, property managers, HOAs, and residents of Kern & Monterey Counties trust Jack Davenport Sweeping Services for meticulous and eco-friendly street sweeping. A local family-run company, we’ve been ensuring our neighbors’ streets are clean and safe for over 45 years.

Power Broom Sweeping

Our power broom sweeping is designed to tackle stubborn debris and leaves for a thorough clean. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, this technique leaves your property traffic areas looking pristine and well-maintained.

Vacuum Sweeping Excellence

For a more detailed sweep, our vacuum sweeping service is the ideal solution. It not only cleans streets and parking lots, but also reduces the amount of dust in the air which contributes to a healthier environment for everyone.

Power Washing & Trash Removal

We don’t just stop at sweeping. Our pressure washing service revitalizes your spaces, while our efficient illegal dumping pick-up service ensures illegal dumpsites don’t mar your surroundings.

Exceptional Day Porter Services

Our Day Porter Service is tailored to meet your specific needs during your normal hours of operation. From litter removal to common area sanitizing, our day porters ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We specialize in both residential and commercial street sweeping, keeping neighborhoods debris-free, promoting a healthier living environment, and enhancing the image of businesses to attract more customers.
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Why Choose Us

We’re committed to delivering outstanding cleaning services including power broom and/or vacuum street and parking lot sweeping, power washing, and day porter service to ensure consistently clean outdoor traffic areas. Our expert team uses the latest technology and adheres to strict safety measures to deliver superior results. Call us to learn more or get a quote, then experience the Jack Davenport difference!

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Street and Parking Lot Sweeping in Kern & Monterey Counties

Statewide headquartered in Bakersfield and Salinas, serving the cities of Arvin, Castroville, Hollister, Lamont, Marina, Monterey & Tehachapi in Kern, Monterey, San Benito, & Santa Cruz Counties and all of California