Broom Sweeper vs Vacuum Sweeper

When inquiring about street sweeping services, it is important to know what kind of machine your job needs. Some jobs require a mechanical broom sweeper while others are better suited for a vacuum sweeper. Which machine do you require?

Mechanical Broom Sweeper
Our fleet of PM10 certified Elgin Broom Bear mechanical sweepers can handle any street maintenance, construction, or highway sweeping project. Our broom sweepers are quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly. Mechanical sweepers are designed to handle heavy duty sweeping projects including:

If you're not sure if your project falls into this category, contact us and find out!

Regenerative Air Vacuum Sweeper
Jack Davenport Sweeping Services, Inc. operates a large fleet of Rule 1186 AQMD Certified regenerative air vacuum sweepers to handle any and all parking lot maintenance needs. Our vacuum sweepers are designed for efficient and quiet operation, and are rigorously maintained. Our vacuum sweepers have been designated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District as Rule 1186 Certified for their ability to pick up and contain small-micron material. Our vacuum sweepers are designed to handle any and all parking lot maintenance jobs. To find out how we can help you, contact us!